Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


Application to Use/Reproduce

Are you interested in using any of the works created by W.J. Roué? For books, publications, productions, on the Internet, for display, or for restoration or construction of a vessel (to name a few uses). While we encourage the use...
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Bluenose vs. Gertrude L. Thebaud (Video)

Fantastic footage from the last race of the schooner Bluenose. Racing off Gloucester, Massachusetts against the Gertrude L. Thebaud. Shot by renowned Maritime photographer W.R. MacAskill in October 1938. (5 minutes, 14 seconds)  ...
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The Story of the Bluenose (1933)

A booklet printed in 1933, published by Lunenburg Exhibitors Ltd., as a fundraiser to send Bluenose to Chicago for the World Fair. It is important to note this book was published nine years before ‘Bluenose’ sank in 1946, and before...
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How Bluenose Was Designed

By W.J. Roué (Published December 30, 1923 in the Halifax Herald) In this noteworthy article the genius who designed the world-famous fishing schooner ‘Bluenose’, tells how that ship was designed. Mr. Roué goes back to the earliest days in schooner...
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