We appreciate your interest in the William James Roué Collection. While the tangible items are in the Canadian Museum of History, the Intellectual Property Rights, including copyright, remain with the Roué family. If you wish to obtain a reproduction and/or permission to use any of the Roue vessel drawings (whether at the Museum or elsewhere), please complete and submit the following application.

The primary test in the evaluation fo all submissions is that the intended use will maintain the integrity of the property and favourably honour the reputation of William James Roué. Should the application fail this test it will not be eligible for further consideration. Further assessments will include the determination that the proposed use is appropriate, accurate, and reflects a standard of quality.

Applications should be as complete as possible; please include all information you feel is beneficial in the evaluation process. For commercial ventures, please include experience/background of the primary applicant as well as sub-contractors and their role.





If required, additional information pertinent to this application can be emailed to info@wjroue.ca.


By clicking "Send" you are confirming the information contained in this application is true and complete and that you agree to the following: Should any information contained herein be false, misleading, fraudulent or incomplete, in any respect, any license issued or permission granted will be subject to immediate termination without the return of any amount paid or abatement of any amount due and you understand that:

1) This application does not constitute an offer or imply any obligation to grant a License or permission in any capacity; and
2) More information may be required in order to conclude the evaluation; and
3) The application may be rejected, without question; and
4) The application fee is in no part refundable.

Upon receipt of the application, an invoice will be generated via PayPal to the email address included herein (application fee plus 15% HST); evaluation will commence after payment is received.

NOTICE: All work authored and created by the late William James Roué is protected under International copyright law. The described work may not be used, reproduced, copied, projected, disseminated, altered in any way, alone or with any other image(s), by hand or use of a computer or any other electronic means, saved to a digital file for personal or commercial use, without express written permission. Creating a derivative work, a work that is substantially similar or an adaptation thereof is strictly prohibited, as is any distortion, mutilation, or other modification of, or other derogatory action in relation to the said work, which would be prejudicial to the honour and/or reputation of William James Roué.